Preserve your family history for generations.

Wedding Gown / Heirloom Preservation

Save Your Memories

Your wedding gown and other heirlooms are as valuable as anything you own. By preserving your gown or other items now you can hand down a unique piece of family history that your children and grandchildren will treasure. Give them a piece of history and a piece of yourself!

Brides—Once your gown has been properly preserved, we will carefully fold it by hand with layers of protective, acid-free tissue and gently place it into a perfectly sized storage chest.To best care for your gown follow these simple steps:

  • Your gown should be thoroughly cleaned and all spots removed.
  • In the days after your wedding, avoid leaving your dress on a hanger, which may distort the shape, or in a plastic bag, which may cause yellowing of the fabric.
  • Get your gown preserved as soon as possible after your big day. After preservation, store your dress in a dry, acid free, cool environment.
  • Avoid basements, musty attics and direct sunlight.
  • Accessories should be stored separately to avoid discoloring your gown.
  • Our acid free heirloom packaging is constructed with double reinforced material to further protect your gown from the surrounding elements.

Have you had your gown for several years? It's not too late!

Lindeman’s can assist you in preserving or restoring your gown—even Mom’s or Grandma’s gown. We have restored dresses from the late 1800 and early 1900 as well as today.

Other Heirlooms ...

Just some of the additional heirlooms we regularly preserve include:

  • Christening gowns
  • Communion dresses
  • Special occasion dresses
  • Doll clothes
  • Quilts
  • Linens
  • Military uniforms